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Massage Therapist - Electrologist

Shayna graduated from Utah College of Massage Therapy in 2008. She loves helping people relieve pain issues as well as stress levels so she also offers Swedish, Deep tissue and Sarga. In 2018 she started at Cameo College of Essential Beauty to become a Licensed Electrologist and has been helping people remove unwanted hair for the last five years. "When not in my office helping people you can find me with my husband, two kids, and pack of dogs at home. I love reading, baking, and let's be honest… coffee is life."

Close up of owner Becky


Master Bodyworker - Usui Reiki Master Teacher - Holy Fire Reiki Master

Becky graduated from Utah College of Massage Therapy. During school she was drawn to deep tissue and energy work. A few years after graduating she got certified as an Usui Reiki Master and Holy Fire Reiki Master. She has gone on to become an Usui Reiki Master Teacher. Becky loves letting her sessions with her clients be guided by intuition and pulling from her bag of tricks to help meet her clients goals of bringing balance and harmony to their wellbeing.

The rest of the team


Licensed Massage Therapist

After being in the corporate world for many years, Lyndee realized she enjoyed helping people relax and de-stress over meetings and spreadsheets, so she signed up for the Empowered Bodywork & Wellness Apprenticeship Program. Lyndee looks forward to working with all our wonderful clients to reach her goal of being an LMT and permanently leaving the corporate world behind. Lyndee lives at home with her husband, four cats, and two dogs. When not working she enjoys reading, hiking, and traveling.

Our amazing apprentices


Hello, I'm Amanda, a dedicated massage apprentice with a deep-rooted passion for natural healing that dates back to my childhood. From a young age, I've been fascinated by the body's ability to heal itself and have always gravitated towards holistic wellness practices. Currently, I am thrilled to be training in the art of massage therapy, learning to blend ancient and modern techniques to help individuals find relief and enhance their overall well-being. My journey into this field is fueled by a desire to support and heal others, providing restorative care and comfort through the power of touch.


Lillian graduated in Alabama with her certifications in medical assistant in 2009, and got her first job in urgent care. Since then, she has had a passion for helping others in their healing journey. She has always thought massage therapy was a great way to release tension and stress in the body, and wants to pursue sports therapy and pain management. Lillian’s hobbies include studying herbs, photography, music, and gaming. Her favorite video game is Skyrim and she loves ttrpg such as Dungeons and Dragons.

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